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Project Introduction


“Climate Change & Me” is an initiative of the Vietnam Television (VTV) and CRCC (Center for Research on Climate Change Communication) - a Vietnamese NGO specialized in climate change communication. Our objective is to contribute to the progress of the Vietnamese Government in reaching, and increasing their commitments under the Paris Agreement to address climate change issues.

What we do: we raise public awareness about the negative effects of climate change to promote an active civil society that pressures the government to act, hold the government accountable to existing climate change and sustainability targets through constant media exposure on lack of progress, and advocate for a policies and resources that support a shift to more sustainable production and consumption practices.

What makes us different: The project uses the leverage of the national broadcaster that reaches into nearly every home in Vietnam and has the power to shape public discourse around climate change and state policy, contributing to changes across the whole society. 

Please find further information in the documents below: